Plan early for life with a PhD: Career orientation

Short description

Drowned in the empirics or your PhD? If you cannot currently imagine submitting your dissertation, the timing is perfect for considering life after the PhD. What career do you want to pursue? Which skills do you have that you would like to bring to the world? Plan ahead in the middle of your PhD phase and enjoy a smoother career transition.

Target group

Doctoral candidates who are about a year or two away from submitting their dissertations. 


What you will learn

In the workshop, you will analyse your profile to develop a clear understanding of your skill set, your fields of interest and your career-related values. We will take your whole life into account and balance career goals with your vision of a satisfying life. We will discuss potential jobs for social scientists with a PhD, their requirements and strategies for entering the job market. The workshop focuses on self-reflection. At the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer vision of your career goals and know which aspects you want to explore or develop further.



Day 1 (morning): What am I good at? Looking into skills and competencies: What does the concept of "career" mean to me?

Day 1 (afternoon): How do I make my career suit my life? Exploring values.

Day 2: It’s my career: Making plans come to life.

Methods: You will have the opportunity for discussion in the plenary, will work in small groups, coach each other in peer tandems and work individually on your career plans.



  • Dr. Christiane Kasack works as a coach and workshop facilitator. As a certified business coach and career counsellor, she supports personal development in time- and self-management as well as career planning. In 2011, Christiane earned a PhD in the Social Sciences from the Freie Universität Berlin. After two years of post-doc work, she turned to managing the Hertie School’s PhD programmes and later, the career development programmes for postdocs at the Head Office of the Helmholtz Association.