What our PhD researchers say

“I really enjoyed being part of an interdisciplinary cohort. It allowed for a great exchange of research perspectives and sharing the PhD journey with like-minded people.”

Anna Prisca Lohse | Germany | Alumnus - DocGov 2019 | Supervisor: Lukas Graf | Now works as a Postdoctoral Researcher at TU Berlin

“Pursuing a PhD at the Hertie School not only provided me with academic resources to become a competent, trained researcher, but also linked me to an amazing community of scholars and institutions that will help me thrive throughout my professional career.”

Luis Mejía | Mexico | Alumnus - DocGov 2016 | Supervisor: Kai Wegrich | Now works as a Postdoctoral Associate, Data Quality in the Social Sciences, at LMU Munich

“The Hertie School is a university in rapid development, and it's exciting to be part of the journey. The academic faculty is not only impressive and unique, but also determined to create the best environment for their students and PhD researchers.”

Maria Uttenthal | Denmark | Alumnus - BGTS 2019 | Supervisor: Christine Reh l Now works as Academic Counsellor at Hertie School

“I benefited greatly from my doctoral studies at the Hertie School, specifically in terms of acquiring significant research capabilities that have both broadened and enhanced the research I am capable of conducting.”

Casper Hendrik Claassen | South Africa | Alumnus - DocGov 2017 | Supervisor: Johanna Mair | Now works as Research Fellow at Yonsei University's Institute for Welfare State Research, Seoul, South Korea

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