English academic writing clinic

Short description

These sessions will give you the opportunity to receive individual feedback on your academic writing skills (develop your academic writing style, how to build arguments, how to critique, cite and structure paragraphs and much more). This activity is also open to native speakers who wish to improve their academic writing.

Target group

All PhD researchers who wish to work on their academic writing style.


Goals and contents

Individual sessions are designed to facilitate the growth in confidence of individual researchers in their written expression of ideas in English. The idea behind these one-to-one sessions is for you to discover your unique writing ‘voice’, explore practices in academic literacy and receive focused feedback on your writing. To that end, a sample (1000 words max) should be submitted to Jonathan Fitchett at j.n.fitchett[at][dot]uk, and this will serve as the basis for the 1.5 hour online session, to be arranged at a mutually convenient time.



  • Jonathan Fitchett, PhD, is a teacher, teacher trainer and lecturer in Academic English, currently working at the University of Kent, UK. He was also recently employed over a number of years at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, where he created and delivered several courses in Academic writing for Postgraduate researchers across a range of disciplines. He also established successful writers groups where researcher-led peer feedback was encouraged. He divides his time between the UK and Italy. He recently completed is PhD in the linguistics of improvised drama.