Get guidance and advice through our various mentoring programmes

At the Hertie School, we understand that mentoring can play a pivotal role in personal and professional development by providing valuable guidance, knowledge, and support. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, offering students the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors who have navigated similar paths, ultimately promoting their growth and success. 

Find below an overview of our mentoring initiatives, designed to nurture talent, facilitate learning, and inspire meaningful transformations.

“What I particularly appreciated about mentoring was the opportunity to exchange ideas with someone who had gone through similar stages in her life as I had.”

Julia Gundlach, MPP class of 2019 | Mentee, Mentoring Programme of the Hertie Foundation for Alumni

“I think it (the First-Gen mentorship programme) is really needed... I enjoyed a lot the opportunity to be in touch with students more directly.”

Sébastien Mena, Professor of Organization and Governance | Mentor 1st Generation Mentoring Programme

“Talking to someone who has been in the workforce for a longer period of time helped me to realistically assess my future career field and took away my fear of unfamiliar and new situations.”

Christian König | Mentee Hertie Foundation’s programme Jugend Debattiert Deutschland, 2016

“I did not quite know what to expect but ended up finding it useful and empowering and I am very grateful for the opportunity of joining as mentee. My mentor was there to advise me on key study or career-related questions I always wanted to ask.”

Rémy Alexandre Weber, MIA class of 2023 | Mentee 1st Generation Mentoring Programme

“Gaining confidence is not easy; many of us pursue the dream of starting a master's degree aware of the gaps we come from. I learned the importance of not going through such a challenging process alone.”

Ximena Docarmo, MPP class of 2024 | Mentee 1st Generation Mentoring Programme

“The Hertie School mentoring programme was very valuable, it mentally prepared me for many obstacles and constant support from a person who has already thrived in the environment.”

Kritika Roy, MIA class of 2022 | Mentee Hertie School Mentoring Programme

“To be able to get feedback on different possible career paths and effects of various decisions along the way from a mentor that already works in the area I would like to focus on was tremendously helpful.”

Karla Kroner, MPP class of 2024 | Mentee Hertie School Mentoring Programme

“The conversations are always valuable, for me too! The most important thing is to be proactive. If you want to be successful in the political arena, you have to learn, network, make contacts and be open-minded.”

Ness Norbert, Head of Strategic communications and Governmental Affairs at Evonik | Mentor Hertie School Mentoring Programme