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Sustainability refers to achieving universal and non-declining human well-being over time, taking into account its economic, environmental and social dimensions. This also involves considering the global distribution of well-being across individuals, and the promotion of good governance in all societal contexts.

While sustainability has been permeating the Hertie School’s activities since its inception, we have recently initiated a more structured approach, both at the level of our intellectual engagement in research, teaching and outreach, as well as in our organisational practice and campus operations.

Following our mission of an active engagement for the common good, the school has set up in 2021 its fifth Centre of Competence, the Centre for Sustainability. The Centre acts as a hub for teaching, research and policy advice, with the ambition to foster the sustainability debate through policy-relevant research.

With a view to the projected Centre’s launch in 2021, Hertie School students called for an “action plan for sustainable credibility” in 2019, which in 2020 prompted a school-wide working group “Sustainable Campus”. The initiative marked the starting point for a permanent commitment of the school for maintaining a more sustainable campus life.

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If you have questions or ideas on how to advance sustainability at the Hertie School, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of Green Campus officers.