An Introduction to Survey Research: Benefits and Pitfalls from Design to Implementation

Short description

This short course will introduce participants to the art of survey design. This includes understanding the logic of survey design, learn how to develop a multidimensional survey, ethical implications of survey research and tips and tricks on how to implement it. The target group for this course is PhD researchers at the start of their doctoral research, however, students who are further ahead may wish to participate if they would like to brush up their skills, learn a new method, or seek feedback on their already developed surveys. No prior experience in survey methodology is required to take this course.

How this course works

The workshop that will be a blend of both theory and practical applications on survey development, implementation, and practical applications of this research method. The course will be concluded by a feedback session for participants who wish to create their own survey. A short assignment is expected prior to the first session. A list of recommended readings will also be provided prior to the course.



Target group

Researchers in the first year of their PhD. 



By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  •  Develop a comprehensive understanding of the underlying logic of survey research, including different types of surveys and the lifecycle of survey research.
  •  Acquire the necessary skills to construct scientifically rigorous surveys with reliable and valid data.
  • Gain the ability to identify and navigate common pitfalls encountered in survey research, equipping them with strategies to address these challenges effectively.
  • Build practical knowledge through engaging group activities, valuable peer feedback, and a hands-on survey design project.


  • Dr. Jessica Breaugh is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management at ESCP Business School, and a fellow at the Centre for Digital Governance at the Hertie School. She is Alumna of the Hertie School’s PhD program (2020). Her current research focuses on various aspects of the world of work, including, motivation, leadership and change management in the context of digitalisation. Her survey-based research can be found in journals such as Public Management Review and Public Policy and Administration.