Partial scholarships

Partial scholarships are reductions to tuition fees that range from 10% to 50%. All applicants with demonstrated financial need can apply for Hertie School partial scholarships.

Financial need is determined by subtracting your total available funds from the total amount of estimated costs of the study programme (including living expenses). Applicants who are able to finance the entire cost of the two-year study programme on their own are not eligible for Hertie School partial scholarships. 

If you need financial assistance, we encourage you to apply by the priority deadlines (MPP/MIA/MDS: 1 February, Executive MPA: 1 June). Partial scholarships are allocated on a rolling basis to candidates who apply until the final application deadlines (MPP/MIA/MDS: 1 May, Executive MPA: 1 August).

How to apply

Create an account in our application portal and select the programme you wish to apply for.

You must fill out the Declaration of Finances. When applying, please indicate the total amount of funds you have secured for your studies. Do not include any funding you are still in the process of securing or have not certainly secured in your Declaration of Finances. This information will be used to confirm your financial need. No additional documents are required at this stage.

Please note that appropriate proof regarding your financial situation (e.g., personal, employer, and/or spouse’s/parents’ tax report) can be requested in the event you are offered a partial scholarship. If the information provided by the applicant is found to be false or misleading, the partial scholarship will be withdrawn, and further legal action may be taken.

In the online application form, make sure you fill out the Scholarship section: Choose “yes” as the answer to the question “Are you applying for a Hertie School scholarship?”

You may apply for full and partial scholarships at the same time.      

How do we allocate partial scholarships?

As a global institution in Germany, the Hertie School uses different criteria to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of partial scholarships:

Beyond considering funds personally available to applicants, we also consider potential access to external funding options such as loans and income-sharing agreements when assessing financial need.

In our student body, we aspire to enhance the representation of all regions and social strata in Germany and the representation of all parts of Europe and the other world continents.

During four allocation rounds (December, February, April, and May) in our application period, we allocate two types of partial scholarships to eligible candidates:

  • Need-based scholarships ranging from 35% to 50% of the tuition fee will be awarded to excellent candidates with limited access to external funding.
  • Merit-based scholarships worth 50% of the tuition fee to top-ranked candidates who are not awarded full scholarships.

Approximately 90 partial scholarships worth 50% of the tuition fee will be awarded to students starting in 2024.

To be eligible for these awards, students must fulfill the need criterion, see above.

Please note that we cannot offer scholarships to all admitted applicants who fulfil the need criterion. 

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