Full scholarships

Full scholarships are competitive awards based on academic excellence, personal suitability, motivation and financial need. They cover 100% of the tuition fees. They are targeted towards applicants with specific profiles or interests. These scholarships do not cover living expenses.

You can find the scholarships available for the Executive MPA here

How to apply

Create an account in our application portal and select the programme you wish to apply for.

You must fill out the Declaration of Finances. Please indicate the total amount of funds you have secured for your studies at the time you apply. Do not include any funding that you are still in the process of securing or have not certainly secured in your Declaration of Finances. This information will be used to confirm your financial need.

In the online application form, make sure you fill out the Scholarship section: Choose “yes” as the answer to the question “Are you applying for a full or partial scholarship from the Hertie School?”.

Specific requirements and deadlines for each scholarship may vary. Often, a supplemental essay is required. Candidates who do not submit all required supplementary materials by the scholarship application deadline cannot be considered for a full scholarship. You can find all information needed on each individual scholarship page.

You may apply for full and partial scholarships at the same time. Please note however, you may only apply for one full scholarship per programme, per application cycle.

How do we allocate full scholarships?

After individually reviewing candidates, their applications and any supplemental scholarship materials, the Admissions Team will invite shortlisted applicants to an interview conducted by a professor working in a field relevant to the scholarship. During the interview, candidates can expect a discussion on their essay, and their personal motivation to study at the Hertie School.

For more information about funding opportunities for each programme, please visit: