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Supporting Hertie School students

Our students benefit from an education that combines academic excellence with practical skills, giving them the opportunity to work with and for our partner organisations. In doing so, they develop the skillset they need to tackle increasingly complex societal issues through an interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international lens.

The Hertie School, together with its Practice Partners, offers a variety of scholarship programmes. As a Partner, you can either make a contribution by adding to our general scholarship fund, or you can set up a full scholarship in your name.

Our partners

“After almost a decade of working, starting fresh with Masters was a major financial risk. The financial aid that I received from the Hertie School has helped me immensely and boosted my confidence that I can kickstart my career in a new direction.”

Diksha Choudhary, MPP 2022

“I decided to pursue the MPP at Hertie School to leverage my managerial, leadership, and analytical skills for more impactful work in the Brazilian public sector. The Scholarship for Public Servants in Brazil, funded by, enabled me to do so.”

Marina Luna, Brazil, MPP 2022

“The Future of Europe Scholarship enabled me to further pursue my interest in European affairs. Had it not been for the scholarship, I would not have been able to study at the Hertie School.”

Toma Pavlov (Bulgaria), MPP 2019

“The scholarship from the Hertie School helps me to expand my intellectual boundaries and enables me to further develop my skills as an advocate for students from socially disadvantaged families.”

Neslihan Altun (Germany), MPP 2019