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Studying sustainability at the Hertie School

What you'll learn

Studying sustainability at the Hertie School offers students the chance to develop a strong academic foundation in the areas of climate, energy and sustainability policy, learning, for example, how policy processes work, how energy markets function, and how policies such as emissions trading systems can be designed. Our course offerings align with our research areas:

  • Climate policy, led by Prof. Dr. Christian Flachsland. Topics covered include: multi-level climate governance, climate policy, emissions pricing.
  • Energy policy, led by Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth. Topics covered include: electricity market design, energy economics, energy system modeling.
  • AI and climate technology policy, led by Prof. Dr. Lynn Kaack. Topics covered include: applications of AI and machine learning to combat climate change.
  • Sustainability, with courses from Centre faculty and adjunct faculty. Topics covered include: sustainability and food, global environmental politics, influencing and advising policymakers, sustainable development.

The Centre for Sustainability offers a Certificate in Sustainability for students who complete 2 courses and a master's thesis focused on topics related to environmental sustainability.

What we offer for students

Outside of the classroom, the Centre for Sustainability provides a variety of mentoring, career development and networking opportunities, as well as events that highlight state-of-the-art research and real-world policy debates in the fields of climate, energy and sustainability policy. Learn more about what we offer for students.

Applying to the Hertie School

If you want to make climate, energy and sustainability a key focus of your master's studies, the first step is to apply to the Hertie School.

  • Early-bird deadline: 30 November (early admission plus 2.000€ tuition savings)
  • Priority deadline: 1 February
  • Final deadline: 1 May

The Hertie School also offers three full-tuition Climate Action Scholarships for students who are passionate about global sustainability, renewable energy and the transformation of energy systems.