Berlin Security Beat

Berlin Security Beat - Season 3

In the current season of the Berlin Security Beat, we're looking at how our growing online world is becoming ever more vulnerable. We'll talk about cybersecurity: what it is, how it works, and why it's important. You'll hear from experts who build digital defenses, analyze threats, and make policies to keep us safe online. The experts we interview work behind the scenes to protect our connected lives. Join us to learn about fighting cyber crime, understanding threats, and shaping the rules of the internet.

S3 Episode 03: Cyber Crime and the Human Factor with Rutger Leukfeldt

In the third episode of our two-parter on cyber threats we focus on cybercrime. Rutger Leukfeldt, Professor of Governing Cybercrime at Leiden University,  discusses everything from hackers to criminal nexuses to hacktivists, ransomware and social engineering. Tune in to find out more.

Episode 02: Threat Intelligence, State Actors & China with Jiro Minier

In the second episode, we discuss cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and state actors with one of Berlin's leading threat intelligence experts, Jiro Minier. We cover the basics of CTI and then explore the geopolitical side with China as a case study of how state threat actor nexuses operate. 

Episode 01: Entering Cyber Security with Kritika Roy and Finn Hagemann

In the opening episode of the 3rd season, we interview two Hertie School alumni, Kritika Roy and Finn Hagemann on their transition to the industry, what their work in cybersecurity entails and what advice they'd have for newcomers on entering the industry. Tune in to find out more!

Berlin Security Beat - Season 2

Are you interested in how security professionals build their careers? Season 2 of the Berlin Security Beat focused on the careers and experience of seasoned security practitioners ranging from nuclear analysts, think tankers, former intelligence officers and human rights professionals. The purpose of the season is to give a glimpse – through stories, anecdotes, recollections and reflections – of the professional careers of our guests to young and upcoming professionals in these fields. All episodes can be accessed here or on your favorite platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.




Berlin Security Beat - Season 1

Do you want to better understand cutting edge research in international security? Season 1 of the Berlin Security Beat hosted renowned political scientists to help unpack international security topics that made the news. Listen to top academic experts as they unravel topics ranging from grand strategy to nuclear weapons, peackeeping santions and much more. All episodes can be accessed here or on your favorite platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.