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The Centre for International Security at the Hertie School aims to advance the understanding of the complex security challenges of the 21st century, particularly in Germany and Europe.

What is the International Security track?

Learn more about the International Security track at the Hertie School.

The rationality of Putin's decision-making

Some have called Putin “crazy” and “mad” for his decision to invade Ukraine. But is he really acting irrationally?

The German Zeitenwende

On February 27, Germany announced to beef up its military in an unprecedented way. How to explain this policy shift?

The digital war that wasn't

Why a full-fledged cyberwar hasn’t unfolded in Ukraine (yet).

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Stanton Nuclear Workshop 2023

Building on previous workshops, we hosted a nuclear security workshop on July 6-7, 2023 aiming to facilitate exchange among a new generation of researchers from Europe and elsewhere who are studying nuclear security policy.

Euro-SWAMOS Summer School 2023

Euro-SWAMOS aims to introduce PhD students and young scholars to terminology, concepts, analytical techniques, and illustrative cases relevant to the analysis of defence and security policies.

Reflections on Munich Security Conference 2023

Following the end of the Munich Security Conference 2023, Centre staff discuss our side-event co-hosted with the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center.

NATO Model Event 2023

On 7 March 2023 a team from NATO ACT conducted a simulation of the North Atlantic Council with Hertie School students. 

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