Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board members for the academic year 2023/2024: 

Christine Cepelak is a second year in the MPP program at the Hertie School. She has a background in sustainable development and experience working with data in the private sector. Focused on building communities, Christine also leads the ‘Work, Economy & Social Policy Club’ at Hertie. She is interested in the impacts of emerging technologies on democracy.

Sophia Longwe is a Master’s of Public Policy (MPP) student. She is active in the German Internet Governance Forum, to advance youth’s voices in multi-stakeholder forums. Sophia coordinated a workshop on digital transformation at the UN youth conference at the German Federal Foreign Office and was part of the multi-stakeholder planning team of the 14th German Internet Governance Forum. She is interested in digital cooperation between the European Union and African countries.

Puja Raghavan is an Indian lawyer with a political science background who is currently working as a Young Professional on the GovStack project with the Digital Transformation team at GIZ. She has previously worked with a Berlin based GovTech startup that works in the intersection of Government and Technology. Prior to that,  she practiced law on the policy and government relations team of a leading law practice in New Delhi, India before joining the Master of Public Policy cohort at the Hertie School.

Paul Sharratt is a 2nd year Master's student in Data Science for Public Policy (MDS). He is interested in the implementation of digital sovereignty in the EU and its geopolitical implications for digital governance. Before joining the Hertie School, Paul worked as a digitalization consultant at Deutsche Bahn. He is currently working part-time for the Sovereign Tech Fund, hosted by the Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, with a specific focus on enhancing the security and resilience of open-source digital infrastructure.

Julia Wu is a first-year MDS student. With a background in both data science and philosophy, her interests lie in the realm of social media governance and ethical dimensions of regulating emerging technologies and major tech corporations. She has previously worked in the Web 3.0 sector and human behavior agency. Currently, she works part-time at Media in Transition and Cooperation (MiCT) in Berlin as a data scientist monitoring social media and publications to assess impact of supporting media in exile.

Former Student Advisory Board & Student Council members

Academic year 2023/2024

  • Henry Baker, MIA 2024

Academic year 2022/2023

  • Henry Baker, MIA 2024
  • Paulina Behluli, MPP 2023
  • Amanda Kraley, MIA 2023
  • Leslie Mills, MPP 2023
  • Nils Meinhardt, EMPA 2022
  • Amin Oueslati, MDS 2024

Academic year 2021/2022

Student Advisory Board members:

  • Paulina Behluli, MPP 2023
  • Wiebke Dorfs, MIA 2022
  • Lea Gimpel, EMPA 2022
  • Amanda Kraley, MIA 2023
  • Leslie Mills, MPP 2023
  • Mbali Motsoeneng, MPP 2023
  • Jiayu Yang, MDS 2023

Student Council members:

  • Diego Chagas de Souza, MPP 2023
  • Reed Garvin, MDS 2023
  • Gloria Gerhardt, MPP 2023
  • Thomas Jestin, MPP 2022
  • Uma Veera Satya Kalepu, EMPA 2021
  • Krisstina Rao, MPP 2023