Professional development during and after your MIA

Graduates of the MIA programme emerge as insightful strategists, equipped to navigate the intricate web of global politics, international law, and diplomacy. With foundational training in negotiation, argumentation, and conflict resolution, you will be poised to shape the international landscape. Depending on your concentration—be it European Governance, Human Rights and Global Governance, or International Security—you will dive deep into nuanced sectors, from understanding the inner workings of the EU, to championing global human rights, or tackling pressing security challenges. Many of our alumni have spearheaded initiatives in governments, global organisations, think tanks, academia, and beyond, serving as policy analysts, international liaisons, and consultants.

At the Hertie School, we understand that career planning is a lifelong matter. During your studies, you will begin building a professional network with the support of our Career Development team and put what you learn in the classroom to the test.

Our growing alumni network offers students and graduates access to an international community of successful policy professionals in leading organisations in many countries. Learn from their experience, get to know them and their career paths.

Meet Geneva Alumni Chapter lead and global health consultant Sophie Robert