Data Science Lab


Over the next decade, data science is expected to have a significant impact across all sectors of the economy and society through automation and personalisation of services. The Hertie School Data Science Lab will leverage and amplify breakthroughs in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle major societal problems. 


Our mission is to foster, advance and promote excellence in data science research, training, and application to enable better use of scientific evidence and decision-making for the benefit of the individual, government, and society. 


The Lab is carrying out a programme of research excellence in applied data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI) focusing on the common good. To achieve visible academic output, researchers at the Lab combine state-of-the-art research in data science with research in the social sciences and public policy.

Core methodological research areas involve causal inference with observational data, machine learning to inform climate mitigation policy, experimental survey methods, and the use of digital traces to study human behaviour. Additional core research areas will be developed organically through growth and partnering with research centres and groups nationally and in Europe.

The core research areas feed into the Lab members’ substantive research on political attitudes, behaviour, and communication, climate mitigation policy, AI policy, and decision making.