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Berggruen Governance Index

Effective governance is crucial to economic growth, the well-being of citizens, and the stability of states. While indicators of economic performance abound, measures showing the components of governance performance in terms of input, throughput and output remain lacking. The Berggruen Governance Index, developed by researchers at the Hertie School, addresses this gap.  The index analyses 27 aspects of governance over a 12-year period, currently for 38 countries. Examining the relationship between Quality of Democracy (input), Quality of Government (throughput), and Quality of Life (output), it tracks country differences in the performance of governance regardless of short-term shifts in policies or who is in power.


Berggruen Institute



July 2014 - Nov 2016


Project lead

Faculty and researchers

  • Regina List, Managing Editor of the Governance Report

  • Matthias Haber, Postdoctoral Research Associate to the Governance Report