Centres of competence

Centre for Digital Governance

The Centre for Digital Governance is a gateway to governance of digital transformation, based in Berlin. We aim to promote digitalisation where appropriate to improve public well-being. To this end, the Centre enables and supports synergies between rigorous academic research, world-leading education and socially relevant policy insights on the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.


Centre for Fundamental Rights

The Centre for Fundamental Rights at the Hertie School is a beacon and hub for impactful scholarly research, teaching, and outreach concerning the current and future challenges to human and fundamental rights. The centre engages with fundamental rights across local, domestic, regional and global governance.


Centre for International Security

The Centre for International Security at the Hertie School, established in 2016 under the leadership of Hertie School Professor Wolfgang Ischinger, aims to advance our understanding of the complex security challenges of the 21st century, particularly in Germany and Europe. Through teaching, the Centre for International Security educates a new generation of German, European and global experts in international security policy. The centre’s research provides much-needed expertise on the pressing security issues of today and tomorrow. It is a hub for academics, policymakers and other stakeholders seeking to advance the increasingly important debate on security policy among experts and the wider public.


Centre for Sustainability

The Hertie School Centre for Sustainability is a hub for teaching, research, and policy analysis. We prepare future leaders and inform the design of effective climate and energy policies. We publish rigorous, yet policy-relevant interdisciplinary research in leading academic journals. A focus of our work is the global transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the context of sustainability, in Germany (Energiewende) and Europe (Green Deal). This requires a transformation of energy systems towards renewable energies, and sustainability transitions in other sectors. We engage with policymakers, business, NGOs, academia, the public, and our alumni community to inform decision-making on public policies for sustainability. 


Jacques Delors Centre

Research which is scientifically grounded and able to reach into the public debate - that is what the EU's unprecedented challenges require. The Jacques Delors Centre at the Hertie School strives to achieve this by progressively integrating the School's academic research and the Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin's think tank work. Since its establishment in September 2018, the Delors Institute has gradually enhanced its profile in research, teaching and outreach.