Study in Toronto and Berlin

The Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and the Hertie School have joined forces to offer a dual master’s degree programme in International Affairs and Global Affairs.

In this two-year programme, students integrate a truly international approach and perspective into their study of international policymaking and gain the tools to tackle global challenges and devise sound policy proposals in an interconnected and multipolar world.

During the first year, students are enrolled in the Hertie School’s MIA programme and take courses in Berlin. Students move to Toronto for their second year and are enrolled in the Munk School’s Global Affairs programme.

Between the first and second years of study, students complete an internship at an institution in the public, private or civil society sector. The Hertie School partners with institutions from all three sectors to offer internship positions. Securing an internship is the responsibility of each student, but the Hertie School and Munk School Career Development offices provide support where possible.

Students in the dual degree programme may not take a gap year and thus are unable to participate in the Hertie School's Professional Year programme.