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Since its founding in 2019 by leading European social science universities, CIVICA has worked to establish a truly European inter-university campus. In doing so, it has piloted the EU's flagship initiative to enhance strategic partnerships in European higher education and research. CIVICA members have drawn on their joint expertise and shared European values to offer students and staff innovative, transnational opportunities in education, research and civic engagement, with special emphasis on digital innovation and an overarching mission to serve European societies.


Together with our CIVICA partners, we aim to:

  • deepen and expand activities in key areas such as education, research, service to society, innovation and lifelong learning;
  • develop a diverse and inclusive CIVICA community;
  • establish CIVICA’s lead role in the social sciences with further global outreach;
  • and set up a framework for sustainable institutional cooperation.

CIVICA embodies our ambition, as forward-thinking higher education institutions, to assume our civic responsibility as Europeans towards both future European generations and the role of Europe in the world.




CIVICA will continue to serve local and global communities, defend core European values, foster environmental sustainability, and advance policy-relevant research in the social sciences. Yet, the focus will remain on the alliance’s internal communities. Between autumn 2022 and autumn 2026, thousands of students and (post)doctoral researchers are expected to benefit from enhanced mobility, new and expanded joint educational offers, and Europe-wide opportunities for civic engagement and extracurricular activities. In the face of evolving political contexts, CIVICA strives to build bridges between academia and civil society, while acting as a model of sustainable institutional cooperation and providing a stable and inclusive environment in which the values of autonomy and academic freedom are defended.



CIVICA’s members are: 

  • Bocconi University (Italy)
  • Central European University (Austria)
  • European University Institute (Intergovernmental)
  • Hertie School (Germany)
  • IE University (Spain)
  • National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (Romania)
  • Sciences Po (France)
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics (Poland)
  • Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden)
  • The London School of Economics and Political Sciences (United Kingdom). 

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Become a CIVICA Ambassador for the academic year 2023/2024 and collaborate with a passionate community of students and (post)doctoral researchers who share your commitment to building a better Europe. By participating, you will engage in enriching exchanges of knowledge and ideas, unlock numerous networking opportunities, and actively contribute to an innovative higher education project. 

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CIVICA students and researchers at the Festival of Sciences Po 150th anniversary for the CIVICA Cultural Event
Staff members of CIVICA universities attended the workshop on "Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education" at the Central European University in Vienna
The Hertie School band "No Shakers" on stage at the CIVICA Cultural Event in Paris
CIVICA Tour d'Europe on "Securitising the EU Green Deal" in May 2022
The first CIVICA Research Conference held at the Central European University in Budapest in September 2022
Presidents and Vice Presidents of CIVICA universities during the annual committee meeting at The London School of Economics in June 2022

CIVICA is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and receives additional support from the Horizon 2020 programme.