For students

At the Centre for Sustainability, we offer students not only excellent academic opportunities but also hands-on, practical opportunities to engage with sustainability topics. Our networking events and mentoring programmes are designed to help kick-start professional careers and develop in-demand skills.

Women in Sustainability Mentoring Programme

The Women in Sustainability Mentoring Programme is a group mentoring programme for women-identified students currently enrolled in Hertie School graduate programmes. The purpose of the programme is to support young women as they begin their careers, with the aim of helping them navigate and succeed in professions and industries that tend to be male-dominated. Our mentors include senior-level professional women in the fields of climate policy, energy policy or sustainability. Mentors draw on their cross-sectoral experience and leadership experiences to share professional insight and advice.

HEEN Master thesis partner

The HEEN Mentoring Programme for finding practice partners for MIA and MPP students of the Hertie School. HEEN is an international network of experts promoting a sustainable energy future. Students of graduate programmes at the Hertie School write their master's theses from November to May. Practitioners from politics, business and civil society have the option of supervising a master’s thesis in English as an external practice partner.

Energy and Climate Networking Event

Twice a year we invite representatives of various organisations in Berlin and Europe focusing on energy and climate to a networking event with Hertie School students. They present their companies and institutions as well as talk about entry requirements and other professional opportunities. This event series is a cooperation between the Centre for Sustainability, Prof. Lion Hirth, the Hertie Energy and Environment Network (HEEN) and Career Development and is for Hertie School students and alumni. Find information about the next edition on our events page.

Hertie Sustainability Club

The Hertie Sustainability Club is a group of students passionate about engaging the Hertie Community in the current debates surrounding sustainability. We aim to achieve institutional change at both Hertie School and Hertie Foundation as well as foster individual action. To do so, we host events and interact with students, the school leadership and Hertie Foundation on how our institutions and lifestyles can become more sustainable. The club contributes to the Hertie Sustainability Committee.

Find more information on the club's governance here.

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