Why study Sustainability at Hertie?

Studying Sustainability at the Hertie School offers a comprehensive exploration of the key challenges and opportunities of the green transition. Our curriculum combines rigorous academic theories with practical insights, equipping you with a deep understanding of sustainability issues, policies, and strategies for a greener future.

Located in Berlin, a city known for its progressive approach to environmental issues and policy to fight climate change, the Hertie School provides a unique setting where theory meets practice. You will have the opportunity to witness and engage in innovative sustainability initiatives firsthand and connect with leading professionals in the field. Our campus serves as a dynamic hub for discussions and events related to the topic, placing you at the forefront of contemporary debates and actions.

Here, you will not only gain knowledge but also develop the critical skills necessary to drive sustainable change and influence environmental policies. As a future leader in sustainability, you will be well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to the field, shaping the path towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

To which Master's programme should you apply?

If you want to focus your studies in Sustainability you should apply to our Master of Public Policy (MPP). Here's an overview of the programme and some of the courses you could take:

Studying sustainability at the Hertie School

If you want to build a career in Sustainability then our Master of Public Policy (MPP) is the right programme for you. Within the programme you can take a series of courses that will build your understanding of key sustainability issues and equip you with tools to help address them.

Your go-to place during your studies: The Centre for Sustainability

Meet some of your Sustainability instructors