Why study International Security at Hertie?

Studying International Security at the Hertie School allows you to dive deep into the complex and ever-evolving realm of global security dynamics. Our curriculum combines rigorous academic theory with real-world policy applications, providing you with a nuanced understanding of conflict, peace-building, and strategic policy implementation. 

Beyond academic excellence, the school's location in Berlin—a city steeped in history and at the forefront of contemporary security challenges—allows you to experience policy-making first-hand and network with top-tier professionals in the field. You will find our campus to be a buzzing hub for events, putting you at the heart of the debate. Here, future leaders are equipped with the knowledge and critical skills needed to navigate and influence the intricate tapestry of international security in the 21st century. 

To which Master's programme should you apply?

If you want to focus your studies on International Security you should apply to our Master of International Affairs (MIA) and, once you start your studies, choose the International Security track. Here's an overview of the programme and the concentration:

Our Master of International Affairs: International Security track

If you want to build a career in International Security, then our Master of International Affairs (MIA) is the right programme for you. Within the programme, you can specialise in International Security to acquire a profound understanding of today’s global security challenges.

Your go-to place during your studies: The Centre for International Security

Meet some of your International Security instructors