Why study European Governance at Hertie?

Studying European Governance at the Hertie School in Berlin will provide you with an understanding of the intricate policies, institutions, and laws of the European Union. During your studies, you will gain a nuanced perspective on the workings of the European Union, and once you graduate you will be ready to navigate and contribute to its evolving landscape be that at the national, supranational or global level, and across sectors.

The school's location in Berlin, a city central to European politics and history, significantly enhances the learning experience. You will benefit from exposure to real-world European policy-making and opportunities for networking with prominent professionals and experts in the field. The vibrant campus culture at Hertie School promotes active engagement in critical debates and events related to European governance. 

To which Master's programme should you apply?

If you want to focus your studies in European Governance you should apply to our Master of International Affairs (MIA) and, once you start your studies, choose the Euroean Governace concentration. Here's an overview of the programme and the concentration:

Get to know the European Governance track

Hear about the MIA concentration of European Governance from people you will meet on the course.

Your go-to place during your studies: The Jacques Delors Centre

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