Economics at the Hertie School

Economics students who want to build on their knowledge to dive deeper into policy-relevant topics in, e.g., energy, health or public economics find a rich portfolio of courses with a strong applied focus at Hertie School. Courses, typically taught in small groups, foster students’ understanding of the policy-making process and the political economy of why policies are (or are not) adopted. Together with Hertie School’s Data Science Lab, the teaching also links machine learning techniques with state-of-the art methods for impact evaluations.

At the Hertie School, students acquire an interdisciplinary skill set, study alongside peers from over 50 countries and set themselves up for a career in policy.

To which Master's programme should you apply?

If you want to study Economics and Economic Policy at Hertie you should apply either to our Master of Public Policy (MPP) or to the Master of Data Science for Public Policy (MDS). Here's an overview:

Both the MPP and MDS curricula feature a wide range of courses that teach quantitative methods and their application to economic policy debates. Here's an overview of the two programmes:

Our core Econ Faculty