US Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

What is the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award?

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit received by participants who complete a term of national service in an approved AmeriCorps programme - AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps NCCC, or AmeriCorps State and National.

The amount of the education award depends on the fiscal year in which the national service position was approved. Please contact your programme or project sponsor for details. For national service positions approved in the 2015 fiscal year, the dollar amount of a full-time education award is $5,775 (ca. 5,434 €)

Please keep in mind when you apply for the US Segal AmeriCorps Education Award that there will be a fee of 1.75 per mill (min. 27.50 €) plus 1.05 € due to the price lists of German banks. 


Admitted students can apply for the Segal AmeriCorps Education award.

You are eligible for a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award if you successfully complete a term of service with one of the following approved AmeriCorps programmes in accordance with your member contract:

  • AmeriCorps State and National Program
  • AmeriCorps VISTA Program
  • AmeriCorps NCCC Program


Prospective students may complete a voucher request through the My AmeriCorps Portal online indicating they would like a payment from their education award to go to the Hertie School.