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Smart decisions in government and business

4-6 December 2023 | Executive seminar

The ability to make effective decisions, design comprehensible decision processes and to understand and manage risk on issues in business and policy fields such as health, education, energy, infrastructure and others is a crucial skill for managers, civil servants and public managers.

More than 25 years of applications in decision and risk analysis have shown that building up decision capability enables you to:

  • establish strategic priorities in programs and make more effective use of resources,
  • better deal with conflicting objectives,
  • effectively combine rational thinking and gut feeling in your decision-making,
  • manage risk and uncertainty effectively,
  • gain commitment to the effective implementation of decisions by including internal and external stakeholders systematically in the decision process and
  • communicate more effectively with stakeholders about decisions and risks.

This course cuts across several of the most important decision areas which managers in the private and public sector face: allocate scarce program or project budgets in different business units or policy areas; make trade-offs between financial/economic, ecologic and social objectives; evaluate strategic options taking into account conflicting objectives; decide when confronted with uncertainties.

After having completed this course, participants will have:

  • learned about basic principles and mind sets in decision analysis
  • gained knowledge of applicable frameworks to structure complex personal and professional decisions, involve stakeholders and reflect on uncertainty and risk,
  • gained hands-on experience with relevant tools to aid personal and professional decisions such as option evaluation and resource allocation,
  • understood issues in strategy development approaches that can result in smarter decisions and enhance performance of their organisation.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme and can be taken as part of the ETGN certificate programme.