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New wars, new technology, new diplomacy?

4-6 April 2024 | Executive MPA seminar

This course deals with the question of how new warfare technologies are changing the logic of attack, defense and deterrence. Wars are once again being used more as a means of asserting interests, the image of war is changing and cost calculations are shifting. Hybrid warfare, warfare in the cyber and space dimensions and warfare by proxies and commercial military companies are taking place with new dynamism. These developments also require new approaches to diplomacy to prevent, resolve and manage armed conflicts.

The course looks at some key technologies, including drones, sensor and data fusion, AI-driven weapons systems, hypersonic weapons, cyber and space weapons, and examines their impact on states' decisions to wage war and on the course of armed conflict. 

Students are introduced to the concept of war using these technologies and to military planning for defense and deterrence. Building on this, the course discusses how diplomacy can succeed under changing technological conditions and the impact on warfare.

This seminar is offered in the open enrolment programme and as part of the Executive MPA programme.