Master of Public Policy  

Influencing the European Union: The making of climate politics and policies

This course looks at how the European Union is working to implement a “fast and fair” transition to a green economy at home and worldwide. Students will learn about how the EU functions, how different countries and economic and social interest groups can influence its priorities and its decisions and about how to build a career in Brussels as a policymaker, a politician, or a public affairs lobbyist. This year’s Project Course is a variation on the “Influencing Brussels” course because 2024 is an election and agenda-setting year for the EU, with voting for the European Parliament in May and subsequently the selection of a new European Commission leadership which is given a 5-year policy agenda mandate. For the first time in EU history, climate action is a central issue in this political process – with some groups seeking more ambition and others opposing. The course will therefore focus on climate change as a rising political issue and look at how climate issues change older patterns of electoral allegiances and alliances, political narratives, as well as strategies, tactics and opportunism, both at the EU level and in the European member states, with comparative examples from countries beyond Europe.

This course is for 1st year MPP students only.