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Economics for policymakers

29 November - 2 December 2023 | Executive seminar

This seminar offers an intensive introduction to some of the key concepts used by economists. The seminar consists of two components, one on microeconomic analysis and one on macroeconomic analysis.

The main topics covered in the microeconomics section include consumers' and producers’ behaviour, the effective functioning of competitive markets and the situation when the equilibrium of markets is not optimal and generates the need for governmental intervention. This section also covers the situation where markets are not perfectly competitive (monopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic competition). Finally, this section also includes some advanced topics such as game theory and how information and uncertainty complicate the optimal functioning of markets. Concepts presented are grounded in current policy debate and concrete examples relying on readings from news and current debates. The goal of the macroeconomics section is to understand the interactions between the main policy areas: Monetary policy, fiscal policy, and wage-setting. Conceptual and theoretical frameworks will be discussed from the perspective of applied policy illustrations, concrete discussions and case studies, which provide the participants with a hands-on understanding of modern economic analysis.

In short, participants will gain a thorough passive understanding of professional economists’ ways of thinking and a concise overview of the most important topics and approaches in micro- and macroeconomics. No background in economics or mathematics is necessary.

This seminar is offered as part of the Executive MPA programme and in the open enrolment programme and can be taken as part of the ETGN certificate programme.