Hertie School celebrates 20th anniversary with alumni and friends in Vienna

To mark the occasion, Professors Johanna Mair and Leonardo Iacovone delivered engaging talks on the evolution of social and technological innovation.

On 24 April, the Hertie School marked its 20th anniversary at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna with a policy talk by Hertie School Professor of Organisation, Strategy and Leadership Johanna Mair and Adjunct Professor Leonardo Iacovone. The event, hosted by the Vienna Alumni Chapter launched last year, included Hertie alumni and representatives from fellow CIVICA member Central European University (CEU) and Vienna University. Prof. Mair talked about her research on “Emancipating social innovation research and practice”, while Prof. Iacovone discussed “Challenges in digital tech adoption by smaller actors in the private sector”. The professors shared valuable insights from their research in Germany, the US and Mexico on collaborative innovation in public administration and democratic/political governance, as well as fintech (financial technology) adoption through experimentation with pilot projects and randomised control trials. Stressing that “innovation is in the Hertie School’s DNA”, Prof. Mair shared a few examples of important political innovation initiatives launched by our alumni.

The talk, thoughtfully moderated by Vienna Chapter Lead Omer Ali (Master of Public Policy 2020), was followed by a lively discussion with participants about the opportunities and challenges of policy innovation around the world. The evening concluded with a networking reception which provided an excellent opportunity for alumni to (re)connect with their fellow Hertians and continue their discussions with the faculty. 

Special thanks to Omer for his invaluable contribution to organising this insightful event, which is part of the Hertie School’s 20th-anniversary celebrations organised by our local chapters around the world.

Hertie School alumni network

There are currently 16 Alumni Chapters and four Local Groups in the Hertie School’s global alumni network. These Alumni Chapters and Local Groups are spread over four continents and include Bogotá, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Madrid, Milan, Mexico City, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Rhineland, Rome, São Paulo, South Germany, Toronto, Vienna, Washington, D.C., and of course Berlin.

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