Hertie Alum Adrian Sonder elected as the new mayor of Freudenstadt

With an impressive 60% of the votes, Adrian Sonder (EMPA 2018) clinches victory in mayoral election.

In a decisive victory, Adrian Sonder – a graduate of the Hertie School's EMPA class of 2018 – was elected Mayor of Freudenstadt. The 34-year-old politician garnered a commanding 60% of the vote in the first round of the election, exceeding the threshold for an immediate win without the need for a runoff election.

A member of the CDU political party, Sonder ran as an independent candidate under the motto "Together for Freudenstadt" (Gemeinsam für Freudenstadt), highlighting his commitment to non-partisan leadership.

Nearly half (47.42%) of Freudenstadt's 19,000 eligible voters participated in the election. Sonder's term officially begins on July 2nd, and his first major undertaking will be overseeing the implementation of the highly anticipated Garden Show 2025, a joint green project with the neighbouring municipality of Baiersbronn.

This win marks a significant achievement for Sonder, showcasing the impact of his educational background and potential in German politics. The Hertie School congratulates Adrian and extends its best wishes for a successful tenure as Mayor.

Visit Adrian Sonder’s website to learn more about his platform and vision for Freudenstadt.