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Tagesspiegel Background: Profile on Lion Hirth

On 6 October, the Tagesspiegel Background - Energie & Klima, a leading news publication in the German sustainability field, published a detailed profile on Professor of Energy Policy Lion Hirth. The profile describes Hirth as one of the most renowned experts on the European electricity market. The profile describes Hirth's current work as a professor at the Hertie School and as founder of the energy consulting company, Neon.

During the interview, Hirth also discusses his views on the energy transition, noting that the biggest obstacles to a green transtion are political and legal in nature rather than techincal. When asked, "Who will save the climate? Politics or the individual?", Hirth replies, "Politics. The world's climate is a global public good. You can't get very far as an individual. But in democracies, of course, the same applies: Politics, that's all of us." Hirth criticises what he percieves of as a lack of political will on the part of some elected officials. He is particularly critical of failures in the mobility transition, noting signifcant shortcomings in recent years.

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