Podcast EU to go – Backlash or green light? What voters want in terms of climate policy

In the forty-first episode of the EU to go podcast, Jannik Jansen and Nils Redeker present the results of their recently published survey on the climate policy preferences of European voters in conversation Thu Nguyen. They explain whether the popular narrative of a "green backlash" is actually reflected in the voters' responses and what the results mean for the election campaign before the European elections and the future climate policy of the EU.

Is the European Union facing a green backlash? In light of the protests by farmers in a number of member states and an expected shift to the right during the European elections, the impression is conveyed that the climate policy of the EU and its members is currently facing a broad opposition by the people. But how steadfast is this narrative? Our new survey shows that the reality is more complicated than the headlines: According to the data, a majority of the 15,000 respondents in France, Germany and Poland continue to ask for an ambitious climate policy. The survey by the Jacques Delors Centre in cooperation with Tarik Abou-Chadi from the University of Oxford and Markus Kollberg from the Humboldt University was published last week, the data is accessible through an interactive dashboard.

Together with Thu Nguyen, Policy Fellow Jannik Jansen and Nils Redeker, Deputy Director of the Jacques Delors Centre, shed light on the current debate in regards to climate policy, present the results of their survey and ask: Which factors determine the individual opinion on climate policy? What measures are popular and unpopular among which voter group? And what can be learned from the data in regards to the European election campaign?

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