Podcast EU to go: A new era of European defence: Where do we stand?

In the thirty-sixth episode of the EU to go podcast, host Thu Nguyen discusses with Nicole Koenig, Head of Policy at the Munich Security Conference, the turning point in EU foreign and security policy due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

The Russian attack on Ukraine has made Europe rethink in many ways. In February 2022, three days after the war began, Chancellor Scholz called for a turning point in German foreign and security policy. This should change course and support Ukraine with military, civilian and financial means for as long as necessary. Since then, there has been a lot of talk in Germany and Europe about a turning point, but what has changed, especially at the European level, in terms of security and defence? Has there also been a turning point for defence in Europe? Thu Nguyen talks about this with Nicole Koenig, Head of Policy at the Munich Security Conference. The defence expert explains the short- and long-term goals of European security and defence policy, identifies Europe's security policy weaknesses and discusses necessary reforms and investments.

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