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Joanna Bryson comments on Artificial Intelligence in international media

The AI and digital expert talks about risks and opportunities of new AI technologies.

Text editing, photography, education or health: AI technologies are already changing many aspects of our daily lives. In an article for the French press agency AFP, Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology at the Hertie School, reflects on how this new and innovative technology may be exploited to cause harm to humankind.

AI may be exploited, Bryson comments, to possibly spread diseases more quickly. However, according to Bryson, it is not an existential threat but a powerful weapon that should be monitored and regulated.

Read the full story on msn, france24 (French) or watch it on TV5monde (French).

Listen to the podcast “Tech Talks” from Euronews which features Joanna Bryson talking about risks and opportunities of AI.


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