Podcast EU to go special - Towards Enlargement

This EU to go special series is produced with Henrik Enderlein Fellow Besa Shahini and explores the EU accession process in the Western Balkans and the lessons for EU enlargement policy.

On May 9th, we celebrate Europe Day – and with that, the peace and unity that the EU represents. Only nine days earlier, we were reminded how young this peaceful unity that we call the European Union actually is: The 1st of May 2024 marked the 20th anniversary of the accession of ten new member states. At the moment, nine countries hold the status of being a candidate for joining the European Union. 

In a special EU to go podcast series, our Henrik Enderlein Fellow Besa Shahini, former Minister of Education of candidate country Albania, interviews a range of experts from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and others on the subject of enlargement, looking at different perspectives on the benefits and potential pitfalls of joining the European Union for both current member states and candidate countries.  

All eight episodes are available on PodigeeSpotify and all other known podcast channels.

Episode 1: Cost of EU Enlargement
Thu Nguyen and Johannes Lindner discuss the financial implications and necessary reforms for the next EU enlargement round.

Episode 2: Albania
Dr. Andi Hoxhaj examines the crucial role of the rule of law in Albania's accession efforts.

Episode 3: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Adnan Ćerimagić unpacks Bosnia and Herzegovina's prolonged accession path and its implications.

Episode 4: Kosovo
Agon Maliqi and Frauke Seebass share insights into Kosovo's EU accession hurdles, including the critical issue of non-recognition.

Episode 5: Montenegro
Frauke Seebass and Jovana Marović discuss Montenegro's lead in the accession process and its potential as a model for regional peers.

Episode 6: North Macedonia
Wouter Zweers and Lura Pollozhani examine the complex journey of North Macedonia towards EU membership.

Episode 7: Serbia
Milena Mihajlović unpacks Serbia's strategic moves towards EU accession and the challenges it faces.

Episode 8: EU Enlargement and Economic Growth
Richard Grieveson discusses the transformative economic impact of EU accession for candidate countries.