Creating data-empowered governance solutions for city leaders

MPP graduate Faruk Tuncer is shaping tomorrow’s cities by providing city leaders with data-empowered governance solutions.

Watch Faruk's presentation during the alumni panel discussion, "Do-morrow: Visionaries hacking the system and shaping tomorrow"

After graduating from the Hertie School in 2016 with a Master of Public Policy, he started his career developing urban policy for the government’s strategy department.  While Tuncer enjoyed his time at the federal level, he wanted to focus on smart cities and how technology can be used to improve citizens’ lives.

Tuncer went on to join Polyteia as co-founder and CEO.  The company works with cities to develop solutions for using data more effectively in decision making.  Cities collect a multitude of data, which is often unconnected and unavailable to leaders.  Polyteia develops solutions that connect a city’s data and provide a platform for governance and decision making.  

Faruk shared his story as part of Do-morrow: Visionaries hacking the system and shaping tomorrow, an alumni panel discussion at the Hertie School's annual Alumni Reunion.