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Centre for Fundamental Rights​​​​​​​ hosted workshop in cooperation with Helmut-Schmidt University

On 16-17 November 2023, the Centre for Fundamental Rights hosted the workshop ‘Frames of European Human Rights: How are climate change, migration, and authoritarianism framed within the Council of Europe?’ in cooperation with Helmut-Schmidt University and with support from Volkswagen Foundation.

Convened by Prof. Başak Çalı, Dr. Esra Demir-Gürsel, Dr. Jens Theilen, the workshop assembled scholars working on European human rights, migration, climate change, and authoritarianism. It aimed to explore how realities and normativities within European human rights are constructed in the field of migration, climate change, and authoritarianism by reference to frame theory.

Over one and half days, around thirty workshop participants discussed the notion of frames, various frames of European human rights and their normative implications for migration, authoritarianism, and climate change, the shifts in frames used by the Council of Europe organs in time, as well as the actors producing those frames.

The workshop was concluded with closing remarks from Prof. Çalı and Dr. Demir-Gürsel.

The workshop was an event of Framing Reality and Normativity in European Human Rights Law: Climate Change, Migration, and Authoritarianism Project. It is funded by Volkswagen Foundation.

View the programme here.