Executive Certificate

Certificate in Digital Transformation

This certificate is designed for experienced professionals with varied academic and professional backgrounds, who would like to enhance their competencies in the field of digital transformation. The way we live, work, communicate and make choices is fundamentally changing due to the pervasiveness of digital technologies. The extent to which digital technologies will impact society is still unclear. Nevertheless, it is certain that digital transformation is coming, bringing both benefits and challenges alike. There are enormous opportunities such as social inclusion, citizen participation and economic growth. However, there is also a lot of uncertainty in policy circles, corporate planning offices and civil society on how to address the potential risks of digital surveillance, technological unemployment and social disruption.

This certificate combines lectures, case studies and practical exercises to assess and evaluate the scale and scope of the digital transformation. Participants will learn about the socio-economic impact of digitalisation and its implications for organisational strategies and governance, citizen engagement and public management.

Three of the following seminars*

  • Digital Governance (09 - 11 October 2023)
  • When to Trust the Numbers: Informed Data Consumption (18 - 20 March 2024)
  • Data Science for Decision-Makers (21 - 23 March 2024)
  • Evaluation, Monitoring and Design of Policies and Programmes (10 - 12 April 2024)
  • Inclusive Organisations in the Digital Age (22 - 24 April 2024​​​​​​)
  • Making Change Feasible: Institutional Change and Reform (16 - 18 May 2024)

One of the following skills trainings*

  • Managing Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations (27 - 28 November 2023)
  • Scenario-building and foresight (07 - 08 December 2023)
  • Writing for Public Policy (04 - 05 March 2024)
  • Negotiation and Mediation (08 - 09 April 2024)
  • Political communication (29 - 30 April 2024


*Participants make their choice.

Most courses take place on an annual basis.

Target group

Professionals from all sectors (public, private, and from NGOs)



  • Higher education degree
  • At least two years of relevant professional experience (average is ten years)
  • Good knowledge of English


  • Three seminars and one skills training, amounting to a total of 11 days.
  • Additional time for the preparation of the seminars, as well as for the follow-up assignments.
  • 11 ECTS credits are acquired.

Seminar fee

€ 7,560

Certificate fees are exempted from tax according to Value Added Tax Act (UStG) §4 Nr. 21a. In Germany and many other countries, tuition fees for continuing education programmes are also fully tax-deductible as professional training expenses. 

Certificate fee includes (unless otherwise indicated): 

Attendance, online access to course literature before the seminars, materials during the seminars, beverages in the Hertie School cafeteria (open on weekdays), correction and rating of assignments, and a final certificate after full and successful attendance (11 ECTS credits are acquired). Participants of the certificate programme must complete the certificate within two years. Most courses take place on an annual basis. All seminars take place at the Hertie School in Berlin, workshops take place in London or Brussels.

Terms and Conditions



Registration is possible throughout the year, on a first-come, first-serve basis via our online application module. Admission is subject to availability.