Student event

The digitalisation of the energy sector

A workshop organised by Strommarkttreffen with Simon Göß (Energy Brainpool), Tobias Becke (TU Hamburg), and Kirsten Hasberg (Energy Democracy), among others. 


Simon Göß (Energy Brainpool): Blockchain in the energy sector
Oliver Lohmann (AssmannPeiffer Rechtsanwälte): The legal framework of blockchain in the energy industry
Tobias Becke (TU Hamburg): Blockchain yes, but which to choose?
Kirsten Hasberg (Energy Democracy): Democratising the energy sector: One hypothesis, one application and a research project on blockchain in the energy sector
Malte Jansen (E4tech): Realising the potential of demand side response to 2025 – A small scale DSR  study for the British government
Friedrich Rojahn (Solandeo): Smart meter and future business models
Stephan Witt (Theron): Smart metering

The event is open to the Hertie School community. If you want to attend, please register online.

Strommarkttreffenis an open and free-of-charge network of energy professionals in academia, policy, industry, and nonprofits who are interested in electricity markets, energy policy, and power systems and meet for monthly workshops at one of their partner institutions. Hertie School Professor Lion Hirth is a member.