Student event

MPP/MIA Professional Perspectives with IDA Group

A talk by Stefan Borst (Partner and co-founder, IDA Group).

Stefan Borst, partner and co-founder at IDA Group, will be joining MPP/MIA students for a Professional Perspectives event. Stefan, a lawyer by training and journalist by profession, will talk about his work as an expert in strategic communication on a federal and European policy level. He spent several years as EU correspondent for FOCUS Magazine in Brussels, building a deep and robust network across German and EU Institutions and within the media. He has spent the last seven years advising clients on corporate diplomacy and representing the industry in the BDI (Federation of German Industries).

Stefan will share his insights into the everyday reality of working in political communication, in media interaction and in public affairs. He will present typical and new leadership and career paths within these fields, with a focus on the European policy level, and show how to transfer the skills set of Hertie School students into business-oriented results. Stefan will also touch on career opportunities and international internships at the IDA Group. There will also be room to discuss current topics, such as Brexit as an opportunity for public affairs.

Please register for the event via Doodle.