Student event

MPP/MIA Professional Perspectives with CamP Group

A talk by Jasmine Whaley, Sabrina Harster, and Caroline Assad (CamP Group).

CamP Group gGmbH is a social business focused on increasing the social and political participation of marginalised groups around the world. They work on projects in Berlin and South Africa, as well as with a wide range of local and international organisations helping to empower young women, migrants and others to shape the world around them. Systems change is an approach to social impact which they work with, developing smart networks and leveraging resources to effect positive social change from the top down and from the bottom up.

Jasmine Whaley, Sabrina Harster, and Caroline Assad will introduce the organisation, their approach and run a short participative workshop on social impact and systems change with Hertie School students.

Jasmine Whaley is the Communications Specialist at CamP Group. She is currently pursuing her a Masters of Public Policy at the Hertie School with a focus on human migration, social and civil rights protections and sustainable urban development.    

Sabrina Harster is a former McKinsey consultant, a certified conflict resolution specialist and head of HR at CamP Group. She works on integral processes in organisational development for NGOs, and has a background in international development.

Caroline Assad is a project manager and a consultant at CamP Group gGmbH, studied and worked in Germany and Egypt with a focus on multilingual and diverse educational settings as well as intercultural communication in community development.