Student event

Migration and refugee politics in a populist era

Current affairs series with Nina Hall (Lecturer in Global Governance, Hertie School) and Michaela Kreyenfeld (Professor of Sociology, Hertie School).
This event is open to the Hertie School community.

The last year has seen the rise of populist parties and movements – from the popularity of the AfD in Germany, to the election of Trump, and the Brexit vote. They all share a common anti-immigrant and anti-refugee platform.   The increasing number of refugees globally, and particularly in Europe has fuelled concern that some may lose jobs and that Western societies may be profoundly transformed by new arrivals, many of whom are Muslim. These debates are often polarized, based on misinformation and ‘fake’ news and taking place in echo chambers, due to the reliance on social media for news. This discussion aims to raise and explore the following questions: 

  • How can civil society organizations advocate for refugee and migrant rights and take to heart concerns of those who feel they are losing out from globalisation?
  • What can global institutions do to protect migrant and refugee rights, given their lack of legitimacy in the eyes of many citizens?
  • What constructive role can academics play in debates over migration and refugee politics, especially during the German election when this theme is likely to be central?

Nina and Michaela will draw on research on global migration and refugee governance and on advocacy campaigns for refugee rights to frame the conversation and invite other inputs.