Public event

Follow up: EU to go - Europe's labour markets in transition: from brown to green

This event will take place in German.

The EU is striving to achieve ambitious targets for the expansion of green technologies of the future. But this will require workers to install solar panels, build wind turbines and assemble batteries. On December 7, Policy Fellow Jannik Jansen and Anke Hassel, Professor of Public Policy at the Hertie School, will discuss the need for workers for the green transformation in Europe and explain the reasons for the shortage of skilled workers and how green jobs can be made more attractive than brown jobs.

The EU to go format goes as follow: Five slides introduction to the topic and five slides positions and proposals on the focus topic. This will be followed by ten minutes of discussion. At 9 am the event is over after only 30 minutes.

8:30 Introduction to the focus topic
8:40 Positions and proposals on the focus topic
8:50 Question and answer
9:00 Off to the (Home) Office


You can find the slides (in German) here