The project I ECAADS is the only post-2020 initiative that brings together technical experts from both Azerbaijan and Armenia in small bilateral formats under the broad umbrella theme of economic connectivity. Conducted in Berlin and Tbilisi over 12 months, five dialogues gathered inputs from 3-4 experts from both countries on each occasion. They focused on the key themes of regional transport cooperation, energy (hydrocarbon and renewables), water management, cooperation in markets and skills building and on future economic connectivity scenarios. 

Added value I A year into the project, ECAADS has normalised dialogue within a tightly knit but growing community of experts with regard to policy sectors crucial to economic development. ECAADS’ technical focus on future collaboration has averted tensions that can arise when the past conflict and its present consequences are discussed. As the past expert generation retires, newer generations of professionals who have not had such opportunities for bilateral cooperation stand to benefit from exposure to such exchanges. ECAADS fills this gap by engaging new voices.

Recommendations I The report - written when almost half of the planned dialogues have been held - summarises expert knowledge sourced up to date and maps pathways towards continuing technical conversations in similar formats. It captures concrete recommendations emanating from five dialogues. While varying in scale, cost and feasible time horizons, the recommendations offer insights into the types of projects the donor community could fund in support of mutually beneficial initiatives once peaceful relations between the two countries have been established. 

Way forward I Seven more dialogues are scheduled to take place over the next 18 months. In its final chapter, this report enumerates possible themes - ranging from climate change to free trade zones to capital infrastructure development - that are subject to donor interest and respond to opportunities that arise from developments on the ground. Concluding the dialogue series will allow organisers to draft a policy brief that presents further pilot projects and concrete funding proposals for development assistance in pursuit of economic connectivity and regional prosperity.


The Three Objectives of the ECAADS Dialogue Series

  • To foster dialogue between Armenian and Azerbaijani experts, establishing a track record for interaction between technical experts, academics, policy professionals, and private sector representatives, thus creating corridors of conversation to further associated common objectives and a baseline for cooperation in other areas.

  • To explore possibilities for regional cooperation in various economic sectors with a focus on economic development after a peace agreement, with attention to mainstreaming and the inclusion of women in these processes, thus kick-starting self-sustaining cooperation that may create a more favourable environment for normalisation on the ground;

  • Based on the outcomes of the 12 dialogues and consolidated recommendations pre-endorsed by participants, to develop proposals for projects for EU institutions (DGs NEAR & INTPA, ECHO) and other international organisations (UNDP, IFIs) and development assistance providers to fund economic development projects that promote connectivity and economic prosperity that cements peace and regional stability.



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