Virtual MPP and MIA master’s thesis poster exhibition and winners

MPP and MIA grads present thesis projects in online poster exhibition. 

On 30 July, we opened the master's thesis poster exhibition for our graduates of the Master of International Affairs (MIA) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) from the Class of 2021. The thesis poster exhibition is an annual tradition where our graduating class can present the results of their  research.

Following the success of last year's online exhibition, we are proud return to a virtual exhibition hall showcasing over 100 posters, covering topics such as climate change, labour affairs, social media algorithms, education policy and more. To visit the Class of 2021’s master’s thesis poster exhibition click here.

A jury of Hertie School professors and staff selected the three best posters for distinction. The jury consisted of Dean of Graduate Programmes und Professor of European Politics Christine Reh, Professor of International and Cyber Security Anita Gohdes, Director of PhD Programmes and Digital Learning Annika Zorn and Manager of Data Science Lab and Programme Coordinator of Master of Data Science for Public Policy Huy Ngoc Dan.

Master's thesis poster winners

  • Natalia Mejía Pardo: School dropouts in Colombia: What role does family background play?
  • Bokyung Kang: How do media outlets cover political leaders’ messages? Frame analysis of the conflict over the naming of COVID-19.
  • Heather Dannyelle Thompson and Rebecca Burgmeier: Hands up, don’t shoot’: Is police violence higher in American suburbs?

The master’s thesis poster is required of all MPP and MIA students in addition to a written master’s thesis, both of which are submitted at the end of the two-year course. The master's thesis is an independent research project in which students apply the theoretical and methodological knowledge acquired during their studies to a practical policy problem.

Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work!